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The Farmtable Trough

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We believe in longevity and substance of environments- the giving of gifts that last longer than 24 hours. The same principles that inspire us to create green landscapes inspired our Living Arrangements Series. This was our solution to the question, how can we bring the everlasting beauty of breath and life of the outdoors, in to our city homes. 

Please note, that we will make our dearest efforts to create arrangements as similar to those you see in the photographs. However, in respect of our ecological surroundings some plants may vary seasonally. 

Our Limited Edition Living Arrangement Series are crafted by Tina Calloway, Artist & Founder of UFG & Co. Each piece is planted by hand, adorned with elements of mineral and wood. For this series we collaborated with local metal artist and friend Derek Castro of 1770 Workshop to the metal stands that elevate each piece for a truly unique element in your home. 




31" x 8" x 10"