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Mixed Herb Garden Planter - DIY Kit

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Herbs don't get any fresher and tastier than homegrown!

This handmade pozzola bowl is lightweight, stylish, and durable.

Items included in this DIY Kit:

  • Herb Bowl Pozzola Pot
  • Organically grown herb starter plants:
    • Thyme  -Thymus vulari
    • Italian Parsley -Petroselinum, crispum
    • Garden/Culinary Sage  -Salivia Officinalis


  • Planting & Care Instructions

Garden soil is not included in this kit: we recommend Garden Potting Soil by E.B. Stone Organics or a similar organic potting soil. 

Our Pozzola pottery is made of plant-based and earth-friendly ingredients, an ideal environment for plants to thrive. Suitable for indoors and out, with a hole in the base of the bowl for healthy drainage.