Mother's Day Like Never Before

Like everything else, Mother’s Day is going to be different this year. No going out for leisurely brunches or meandering in and out of sweet little shops and cozy neighborhood nooks. But as the saying goes, if the water is too shallow, find a different place to swim.  

Whether it’s in memory, in person, video chat, snail-mail or phone, there’s plenty of options to connect with our moms. If you are looking for gifts, pop by our Mother’s Day Curbside Sale this Saturday, we'll have a bevy of super lovely items including fifty lavender bouquets at $3 each with tea recipe included.  

Lavender is in bloom just in time for three generations of Urban Farmgirls to spend a few days cutting and drying this year’s harvest in the fields of the Schulenberg Vinyard surrounding Tina's tiny house in the Central Valley. 

Today, in partnership with Schulenberg Vinyard, Urban Farmgirls delivered a donation of 85 bouquets with tea recipes, along with 9 DIY succulent garden kits to Wise Health, a non-profit in San Francisco’s Bayview district doing amazing things right now for the people in need and serving up Made With Love produce kits to isolated seniors during Shelter in Place. Because it's a very much a community effort, fueled by volunteers, we may need an entire blog post to tell you all about it!  

Perhaps this lavender harvest will grow into a sweet new Mother’s Day ritual for this trio of strong and beautiful women, Tina, her mother Christine and daughter Maddie, who keep Urban Farmgirls on the ball, with bells on. 

In lieu of my mom's annual Mother’s Day visit to San Francisco, the two of us will be 300 miles apart chattering on Zoom..."remember the time...," cajoling laughs over awkward tween mishaps and such from days past. With any luck, the Living Wreath I'm making her today will arrive at her doorstep in the boondocks on time. 

By now, I’ve surrendered to “the new normal,” and am dawning a thicker skin from the unavoidable barrage of news and speculation. This morning however, I came across an absolute jewel of a headline on NBC News: 

“Five-year-old boy pulled over in Utah while driving to California to buy a Lamborghini.” 

His poor mom! All because she’d told him that buying a Lamborghini was out of the question. The boy had sneaked off with two dollars in his pocket and the keys to the family SUV. With toes barely reaching the peddles, he hit the highway and made it three miles before getting pulled over by a very surprised highway patrolman. 

Because he was unscathed, my gut reaction was wide-eyed admiration for this kid's remarkable gumption, though I hope he never tries this again. I’m a bit envious of this epic story that will go down in family history for decades with shaking heads and bellyaching laughter.  Apparently I’m not the only one. 

In the past two days since the get-a-way, Adrian and his mom have discovered a few pre-Mother’s Day silver linings: The owner of a shiny black Lamborghini  arrived at their doorstep and offered them a jaunt in his car, because he’d been greatly impressed by the five-year-old’s magnificent "success principles". On top of that, a company in California has offered to fly Adrian and his mom out so he can get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini and take it for a spin. 

Now that's a kid who knows how to step out of shallow waters and find another place to swim. And a mom that deserves a giant Mother's Day bouquet! 

We hope to see you this Saturday, May 9th. We'd LOVE for you to pop by for some Mother’s Day curbside shopping  while supporting Urban Farmgirls during this challenging time for small businesses like ours. It’s a win win for both of us! 

Interested in volunteering at Wise Health? They've got plenty you can help with! Check out their website. 



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