How do you ship these? Aren't they heavy? 

Our Pozzola pots are made out of a perfected pearlite concrete blend that creates a lightweight pot that is great for the plants and handling. Most of our pots weigh between x and x. To learn more about our Pozzola, head here.  

How do I take care of my Tillandsia / Succulent / House Plant? 

Glad you asked! We have a Plant Care page that should cover your basic care questions.

Do You Hand Deliver? 

Yes! Only in San Francisco Proper at the moment. 

Do you make custom pots? 

We do! If you are interested in working with us to create a custom piece please email us at hello@urbanfarmgirls.com. 

How are the Living Wreaths made? 

The plants on our succulent wreaths are planted in soil and spagler moss and take 6-8 to root before they become established. We make them by hand at our studio in Bayview. 

Do plants burn in full sun? 

Yes, if they are young and have been indoors and are suddenly put outside? 

What are the berries? 

The red peppercorn and the tallow berries are dried, and simply for decoration. They are no longer living. 

What is the colored moss? 

It is Reindeer Moss, also known as Lichen! It is naturally dyed with a colorfast non toxic dye.

Can you take care of my plants and garden? 

We do offer a garden care service for San Francisco, please contact us at info@urbanfarmgirls.com for more information. 

Who makes your pots?

Our pots are made by hand in our Bayview Studio in San Francisco, California.