Why Pozzola?

UFG Pozola Pots

Pozzola is derived from the origin of the word
pozzolans or natural pozzolans - in ancient times
this was an ingredient used in the construction
of buildings, such as grass or pumice, or artificial
pozzolans such as brick or pottery.
These substances were ground up and used in original
cement mixtures to build such structures as
the monolithic dome of the Pantheon in Rome
and many other structures in Italy at the time.
It seemed fitting to give our earth friendly
faux stone pots a name that reflected some
of these qualities, because they are lightweight
like pumice, yet durable like the ancient
structures of Rome.  They are porous like
stones for good drainage, functional yet
decorative like pottery or brick, and they
age well, curing over time with a
variety of patinas.  No electricity is
used in the drying of our pots as they progress
through the three stages of the curing
process dependent solely on the
rays of the sun.
Pozzola Artisan Pots are the original
faux stone pot having the look and feel of
something aged yet modern,
a perfect blend of sustainable urban function
and artisan design.