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Modern Planter & Stand - Bespoke Tablescape Planter with Living Air Plant Arrangement

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The modern sustainable "floral arrangement" 

Our belief in longevity and sustainability has spurred us to create our landscape inspired Living Arrangement Series--answering the question, how can we bring the feel, substance, and elements of our outdoor landscapes into our city homes. 

Our Limited Edition Living Arrangement Series designed by Tina Calloway by Artist & Founder of UFG & Co. is made by hand and planted with low maintenance Tillandsias and adorned with elements of wood and stone.

For this series, we've collaborated with a local metal artists to create a stylish and elegant metal stands that elevate each piece for a truly unique planter. 

Please note, that pants vary seasonally. 

Planter:$125.00 (Dimensions: 30" x 7" x 4")

Stand:$145.00 (Dimensions: 31" x 7.5" x 7")

Plants Material:$50

Maximum Dimensions: 31" x 8" x 10"