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Organic Catnip Herb Garden Planter - DIY Kit

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Cat lovers -this one is for you!

Catnip is in the mint family and can be grown indoors near a sunny window with plenty of ventilation, as well as outdoors in sunlight and fresh air. 

We recommend taking cuttings, air drying them, and crumbling them into a fun treat for your cat. You may need to keep this tantalizing planter out of reach from your feline friend while it's growing!

Items included in this DIY Kit:

  • Organic Catnip -Nepeta cataria Seed Packet
  • Herb Bowl Pozzola Pot
  • Garden Soil
  • Instructions

Plant-based and earth-friendly ingredients in our handmade pozzola pottery create an ideal environment for healthy indoor and outdoor plants. Our planters are lightweight, stylish, and durable, along with a drainage hole in the base for proper drainage.