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Lightweight Air Plant Mancala - Classic Bone Color with 9 Air Plants

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This light weight air plant mancala is eye-catching with a variety of nine Tillandsia air plants nestled into the base. Hang vertically or horizontally, both indoors and out, or use it as a unique centerpiece on tables or shelves. 

A beautiful modern way to display all varieties of Tillandsias, our modern organic shapes, handmade from Pozzola have the feel and texture of stone but are ultra light weight and this piece is an elegant bone color. The shape makes caring for Tillandsias a breeze and keeps the plants happy.

Inject a little Pozzola into your modern garden decor, ideal for table design, vertical dry gardens, landscape design projects or give the ultimate green gift. 

Send living arrangements instead of cut flowers.

Comes with 9 airplants.