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Organic Salad Bowl - Kitchen Garden Planter - DIY Kit

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Why wait in line at the store for organic greens when you can grow your own?

Take your salads up a notch with our grow-it yourself salad bowl! This colorful blend of romaine and heirloom lettuces are tasty and versatile and beautiful on the dinner table. 

Handmade in our San Francisco studio, our modern Pozzola planters have the feel and texture of washed stone but are ultra light weight and durable.

Items included in Kit:

  • 1 Pozzola Salad Bowl Pot
  • 1 Packet Heirloom Lettuce Leaf Seeds
  • Planting & Care Instructions

Garden soil not included with this kit: we recommend Garden Potting Soil by E.B. Stone Organics or a similar organic potting soil. 

Pozzola pottery is made of plant-based and earth-friendly ingredients, an ideal environment for plants to thrive. Suitable for indoors or out with a hole in the base for healthy drainage.