About us

Urban Farmgirls Pozzola Pottery by Rock & Rose Landscapes Design Studio & Workshop


Urban Farmgirls Pozzola Pottery was born from the creative brilliance of landscape designer and artist, Tina Calloway in her design studio and plant boutique located in San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point.

Urban Farmgirls(UFG) rustic and modern Pozzola Pottery is now produced and offered by
Rock & Rose Landscapes Design Studio and Workshop -- a creative extension
of Rock & Rose Landscapes providing a collaborative design, meeting, and
planning space for its creative teams, builders, clients, and project principals, as well a workshop and production space for its award winning
landscape installations, garden enhancements, and now
custom rustic pottery, garden accessories, and more.

Urban Farmgirls' bold and versatile aesthetic, carries on with the continued combining of modern lines with rustic materials to achieve a characterful, stylish, and livable feel that lends itself well to almost any decorative style, garden environment, or outdoor space. 


Pozzola Artisan Pots: Environmentally friendly, handcrafted and designed in San Francisco!

​The name Pozzola is derived from the word pozzolans, naturally occurring elements that contain silica such as pumice and ash which, when finely ground and added to cement, form hard and durable stone-like structures.  In ancient Rome, pozzolan formulated concrete was used to build the monolithic dome of the Pantheon, as well as many other structures from antiquity through to today.  

Our Pozzola Pottery is a nod to this ancient process and ingredients, which we use to create vessels that evoke many types of sedimentary limestone, such as Travertine.  

Pozzola is practical, light weight, and durable, making it a versatile and movable stone-like material that can be used indoors or out.  With its characteristic porosity, our planters promote good water drainage and air flow, both necessary conditions to promote healthy plant growth and long-term survival.

Our Pozzola pieces are versatile, both functional and decorative, they bring a unique element to their surroundings, a contrast of form and material that evoke more than one style or feel all at once -- modern and rustic; refined and raw; neutral and bold -- giving our pieces a transitional quality that makes them fit in almost anywhere.

Pozzola is Customizable and available in a variety of patinas and colors, and has a character and presence that only gets better as it cures and strengthen over time.