About us

Urban Farmgirls' Boutique Evolution

Founded by Tina Calloway, Urban Farmgirls began with a passion for artisan crafts, a love for all things green, and a vision for sharing the goodness that sprouts from gardens of all shapes, shades and sizes. Specializing in landscape design and a full scope of design, installation and garden care services, our San Francisco based company is ever thriving and expanding.

With that same vision, we’ve branched out with our very own Urban Farmgirls online boutique, offering custom living arrangements hand-delivered to your doorstep (within San Francisco city limits), and a wide array of unique products shipped to you coast to coast in the U.S. including; living arrangements, handmade pozzola artisan pots, locally sourced plants, and our newly unveiled DIY gardening kits.

Pozzola Artisan Pots: Environmentally friendly, handcrafted and designed with love in San Francisco!

Indelible structures in Ancient Rome were built with components of pozzola, such as grass or pumice, including the monolithic dome of the Pantheon in Rome.

Lightweight like pumice yet incredibly durable, our earth friendly faux stone pots blend the look and texture of old world craft with versatile modern style, a sustainable urban function, and artisan design. Porous like stones and lending to drainage, our pozzola crafts are functional like pottery and brick. They age well, curing over time with a variety of patinas. 

How do we make them?
Our Pozzola are designed and handcrafted in our San Francisco studio. No electricity is used in the drying of our pots as they progress through the three stages of the curing process dependent solely on the rays of the sun.

Each is handmade with care with the goal of passing some of that








Tina Calloway - founder and a landscape designer for URBAN FARMGIRLS.

Tina Calloway is the founder of Urban FarmGirls. She is the original creative inspiration behind UFG's garden designs, product and branding.  Born in England to a family of avid-gardeners, Tina immigrated to the US with her parents in 1974. Some of her fondest memories are of being in her grandparents' garden during the summer months when she visited from America. Helping her grandfather in his greenhouse with his tomato plants, or mowing the lawn in a crisscross pattern, were many of the activities that cultivated her green thumb. Growing up, Tina lived in rural towns in California and had horses until she went away to college to focus on an art degree. Before moving to San Francisco Tina lived in Chico, volution CA for 6 years and grew an extensive food garden during her time there. She said "I always talked about getting a degree in horticulture if I wasn't studying art, I guess things do come full circle."