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Golden Pothos Drought Tolerant House Plant

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Botanical Name:  Epipremnum aureum

Arguably the hardest house plant to kill, so fear not dear ones. If you are in the process of rehabilitating your green thumb- this is the one for you. 


Light: bright indirect to indirect light, even fluorescent lights will support this baby!

Water: Forget to water? No problem! Pothos prefer to dry out their soil completely between watering, making this a drought tolerant plant. To make sure you are not over watering dip a finger in the soil every so often. 

Temperature: 65-75 degrees

Location: The Golden Pothos will be happy in a variety of environments indoors. Ideally keep them a few feet away from windows with direct south facing sunlight, perhaps in a corner nearby out of the direct path of the window.

Give the best gift, a living green gift!

Pozzola planter sold separately.