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Living Arrangement - The Blooming Kate Wreath

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This beautifully curated living wreath is an Urban FarmGirls favorite, it’s perfect for creating a vertical garden indoors and out. Made from grapevine trimmings from the California wine country, moss, dried flowers and drought tolerant air plants.

Water regularly (1x) per week by spraying or soaking, allow to dry between waterings, fertilize with orchid mix 1x a month for optimal growth. Will not tolerate full sun or frost. Plants will bloom and grow, blooms are bright red/pink. Enjoy!

This***Please note that each wreath is made by hand with living plants that are made to order! Each piece will be a little different, yet will be very similar in plant selection and moss color. Please let us know if you have any questions! ***

We suggest sending living arrangements instead of cut flowers, they make the perfect living green gift and try our DIY kits.

12” diameter