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Lightweight Modern Flute Planter with Succulents

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Our ultra light weight durable flutes are perfect for indoor or outdoor gardens. Create vertical green spaces with ease.

Our flutes are a beautiful modern way to display all varieties of succulents. Our modern organic planters are handmade from Pozzola, they have the look and texture of washed stone but are ultra light weight. This oblong shallow flute is asymmetrical, fits in the palm of both hands and comes in an elegant pale bone or sienna color.

Inject a little Pozzola into your modern garden decor, indoors or out, ideal for table design, vertical gardens, landscape design projects or give the ultimate green gift. 

Please note* our Pozzola is drainable which means it is great for plants but not so great for sensitive surfaces such as stained wood. If you wish to keep these indoors or to avoid stains on a surface we suggest pairing them with a cork charger.

Send living arrangements instead of cut flowers.