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Lightweight Modern Mini Farm Table Garden Planter - DIY Kit

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Our Farmtable Planter Kit comes with everything necessary to pot your plants and keep them happy.

This modern garden planter is handmade from our Pozzola pottery. The planter comes in a pale bone color, has the look and texture of washed stone, but is ultra lightweight, durable and crafted with love in our San Francisco studio.

Our pozzola pottery is made of plant based and earth-friendly ingredients, an ideal environment for plants to thrive.

Included in this kit is :

  • Three 4" succulents in their grow pots
  • Enough soil to repot your plants into the trough. 
  • Potting & Care instructions!
  • Our Mini Farmtable Trough 

Please note* our Pozzola is porous and drainable which means it is great for plants but not so great for sensitive surfaces such as stained wood. If you wish to keep these indoors or to avoid stains on a surface we suggest pairing them with a cork charger.